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KingPost Up
King Post Up

Build on Ground-A
Build on Ground - Assembly

Build on Ground - Lifting

Build in Air
Build in Air

Foundation Supervision
Foundation Supervision

Bhutan Telecom Training
We bring to the table our real on-field experience. Having been directly involved in all the stages of satellite service solutions right from system design, installation, to maintenance, our expertise lies in offering cost effective, operationally viable and hands off solution for all our clients. Having focussed on earth station installations, we enjoy an edge over other service providers in setting up hub stations.

Turnkey Satellite Earth Station Installation

Commissioning and Testing of Earth Station consisting of

  • Site Survey
  • RFI Survey
  • Design and System Engineering
  • Foundation Design
  • Foundation Construction
  • Antenna Installation
  • Theodoliting for panel alignment
  • IFL Laying and termination
  • Antenna Performance Optimisation
  • Acceptance Testing

 Satellite Earth Station Relocation

 Site Surveys and RFI Surveys

NTA conducts thorough, all encompassing site surveys to assess the suitability of the proposed site for installing the clients Earth Station

Optionally we conduct an RF Interference check.

>    Click here for the site survey format.

>      Click here for a typical block diagram for RFI survey.

  Design and System Engineering

The complete integration and installation solution is drawn in the initial stages just after the site survey.Most of issues are clarified at this stage and responsibilities are fixed.
Apart from working as a reference document, it also sets up milestones for quick and & timely delivery.

Some drawings to show our capabilities are shown below (Click on the items)

Port Blair Cable Tray
Jaya TV Cable Tray
TV-18 Noida (3D analysis for Antenna Placement)
Smart Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (3D analysis)

  Foundation Construction and Supervision

If the installation is ground-based it involves soil testing. Depending on the soil testing report, we validate the feasibility of the antenna manufacturer's suggested foundation. Similarly, for roof mount antennas, foundation design and structural designs are made.

Antenna Performance Optimisation


To have a happy client, customer service is one of the most important factors. We offer you round the year maintenance support and a customised Preventive Maintenance Contract whenever a customer requires it
Additionally, we undertake periodic maintenance to reduce system failure at critical terminals. Our service plans are drawn to meet specific customer requirements
We also offer services of cable making and testing of any requirement our client may have. Depending on specific requirements we can design special RF and Microwave filter to meet your requirement.

  >     Click here to view a presentation of our design capabilities

Repairs - all Earth Station Equipment

We offer to repair most of the commonly used equipment in an Earth Station Installation. We have carried out repairs of Antenna Control Units, Dehydrators, Uplink Power Control Units, Up/Down Converters, LNA Controllers etc..
We have capabilities to identify and localise the fault in most equipment. We then work with the manufacturer to get the relevant spares and carry out the module replacement.
In some cases we have even carried out component level repairs on boards.
This is of great comfort to the client and the eequipment manufacturer also since we provide repair within India. This eliminates the need for complicated formalities to send the equipment abroad for repair and return. It also reduces the cost of repair.

Earth Station Testing

Antenna verification tests include pattern optimization. We have a 3.8 M antenna at our facility that we use for testing transmit patterns of our installations.

>      Click here to view a sample of the analysis result using software developed by nta

Acceptance Testing is done jointly with the Client as part of the handing over process. The entire process and all the test results are documented. Normally a Level Diagram is generated to serve as a benchmark.

>   Click here to view a sample Level Diagram

Rack Integration

We design Rack Layouts to house all the Earth Station Electronics. As a logical extension we can also carry out the rack integration including all the back panel cabling, arrangements for Equipment Power and Patch Panels for easy signal monitoring. Finally we do a thorough documentation.

>      For a sample of our documentation click here



We provide on-site training for the field staff as well as off-site client training for effortless management of earth stations. Different modules have been designed depending on the project size and the scope of work involved.
For a medium sized earth station, 2 modules of three-hour classroom sessions and 3 modules of two hour hands-on training has been developed. We have trained Suburban Telecom Nigeria, MTN Colombo, UTL Nepal, ZEE TV-New Delhi, NATELCO Engineers and GTL personnel.

We have run a two weeks full time course on satellite communications for personnel from Bhutan Telecom