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We offer Turnkey installations of Satellite Earth  Stations globally. Our expertise spans the complete spectrum of small <4M antennas to large >11M installations

We have over a three decades  of installation experience working with almost all manufacturers in the Satellite communication industry. We have also worked closely with major service providers both in India and overseas.
Be it a remote location, a tight schedule or an unforeseen emergency we can be your partner with our quick response and completely technical solutions.
We offer support after installation also. We can also repair most of the common equipment used in an installation.
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To deliver  complete and technically accurate solutions to any challenge our clients entrust to us

Our proven track record has ensured that we have always completed all projects successfully. Projects are completed with almost no overuns in schedule or cost.
We often believe that we are an extended part of our client and thus take upon ourself all the challenges a project goes through.


> 2018 Highlights
  • The project we did for monitoring signal quality all over India was completed in just 4 months! It necessitated moving equipment consisting of 4 big boxes each 100Kg on average from Arunachal Pradesh to Bhuj from Chennai to Leh. Distances, remoteness of the sites gave us real challenges over and above the technical work at the sites

  • We did quite a few projects that drew upon the Theodoliting expertise available with us. Such alignments were done in Noida-India, Jakarta, UAE and Singapore

  • We have done DBS Band Antennas, but this year we are involved in Ka Band Antenna installations all over India for a very high priority project. Work starts from supervising soil tests to destuffing Containers and ensuring proper storage and of course all the other steps that we take during installation. We will have the support of the original manufacturer to guide us through the processes till completion. The time frames are a real challenge

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