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Turnkey installations of Satellite Earth Stations globally.

Our expertise spans the complete spectrum of small (less than 4M) antennas to large (more than) 11M installations

Over three decades of installation experience working with almost all manufacturers in the Satellite industry having also worked closely with major service providers both in India and overseas

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To deliver complete and technically accurate solutions to any challenge our clients entrust to us.

To complete all projects successfully with no overruns in schedule or cost

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2021 highlights

  • The year 2020 was an unforgettable year or rather we would all like to forget it. We could not work for 2 months. After making a slow and cautious beginning, we are now working at some 50-60% of our actual capacity.
  • The proudest achievement was that we finished work on 6 numbers of 9.1M Ka antennas and one number of 11M Ku band Viasat antennas in various parts of India following all the covid rules set by the Government of Idia. Our engineers had to undergo numerous RT-PCR tests One young man was discovered with covid in Guwahati and was isolated for as long as his result became negative in the covid test. It was a harassing time and projects outside the country had to be on hold as airline flights were suspended and quarantine requirements meant subjecting our engineers to stress.

The NTA Advantage

NTA Advantage

Our first installation in 1992 at STP-I Pune


Some of our clients


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Projects as in Jan 2021

Ref No. Antenna Size/Make Band Customer Year
P584-215 Vertex 9M LP-CP #1 C Band-Ext C Band Planetcast Media Services Ltd Noida -Cloudcast Digital Ltd Noida 2020
P583-214 Viasat 11.3M #2 C Band Optimum Viking Satcom(India)PvtLtd-DRDO Campus-Gharonda-Panipat-Haryana In Progress
P583-213 Andrew(ASC) 9.3M C Band Optimum Viking Satcom(India)Pvt Ltd-DRDO Campus-Gharonda-Panipat-Haryana In Progress
P581-212 Viasat 9.1M Ka Band GSAT20 L&T Defence BSNL-SAC Soil Test & Foundation Design, Ahmedabad 2020

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